Pakistan Police issued a Driving Licence to a Blind Man After Taking Bribe exposed in Sar e Aam


Pakistan Police belongs to the most corrupt police of the world. On other hands all the departments of Pakistan are considered very corrupt. If you need to get any certificate from the Govt. departs like death or birth certificates, educational degrees or any thing which is your right you can’t get that easily because you are going to face the most corrupt people of the world and you will have to pay them some extra money to get your own documents.
Today’s program is about the traffic police of Pakistan, which is known for earning money from the bike riders and poor people of Pakistan after checking their licence and other docs. In this episode of Sar e Aaam, Sar-e-aam team got a computerized driving licence of a blind man from motorway Police depart. Have a look and keep your self save from these blind drivers on the road.




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