Pakistan Navy Base PNS Mehran attack


On 22 May 2011 at 10:40 p.m Terrorists attacked Navy Base PNS Mheran in Karachi with hand grenade and heavy guns. 4 blasts were recorded in night against it Pakistan Army and Navy Commandos launched sweep operation against this terror attack in which 2 planes slightly destroyed.
Pakistan Navy Base under attack PNS Mehran
Operation is still continue and its been 14 hours now from the time of attack and 4 terrorists has been killed and no one arrested alive, including 11 soldiers of Navy and 2 Rangers martyred and 14 injured. Army is delaying the operation because they wants to arrest all the remaining if their any terrorists alive. Whole base is surrounded by soldiers and local police mans. One thousand five hundred soldiers are taking part in this mission. We have seen some other attacks before like attack at Kakol Military academy, attack at Army Headquarters, Twin attacks at the buses of Navy in Karachi. Navy is at high risk now a days. Taliban has increased their attacks after the operation of US special forces in Pakistan.

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