Pakistan Govt Bans Sheesha at Public & Private Places


sheesha culture in pakistanSheesha first banned in DHA Lahore. THE Defence Housing Authority, Lahore, has banned sheesha in all restaurants and parks within its jurisdiction. The ban is meant to eradicate smoking of sheesha which is made from flavoured tobacco. DHA officials say teenagers smoke sheesha laced with narcotics and subsequently become addicts.

Now Sindh Assembly approves a resolution against Sheesha. Now Smoking of “Sheesha” is ban in hotels, cafe, restaurants and all public places. After passing this controversial revolution, a question raises for numbers of Sheesa shops in major cities of Pakistan.

Youngs are not becoming of addict for sheesha not only boys but girls are smoking sheesha as well. As per researches Sheesha is very dangerous for health, One sip of Sheesha effects as you have smoked many cigarette.
Pakistani girls smoking sheesha

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