One wheeling craze in Pakistani teenaged motorcyclists


The one wheeling by teenaged motorcyclists, risking their life and public as well, on busy roads of the city is continuing unchecked.
The young motorcyclists most of the time without helmet, usually succeed to dodge the traffic wardens deployed on the Roads

These motorcyclists not only endanger their own life but also pose serious threat to others and also interrupt traffic flow.

The officials of city traffic police are unable to save the citizens who are at the disposal of fun-loving teenagers who tend to break the traffic laws the way they want to.
The youngsters who resort to one-wheeling often carry out dangerous stunts like laying flat on motorbikes, driving their bikes in standing positions and driving with their backs facing the handle of the motorbike.

The teenagers who carry out such dangerous stunts are often left unchecked by the city traffic police.

A youngster, Waqas Majeed, said although one-wheeling was a dangerous sport, he saw no harm in it on special occasions.

He opined that the motor-bikers should only demonstrate their stunts during Eid days or on Independence Day and the New Year.

He said the motorcyclists demonstrating one-wheeling and other stunts monitored the positions and response timing of police personnel.

Although, there were policemen on the roads but they are able to find enough space for their stunt.

Muhammad Waqar, a youngster who uses motorbike daily to reach a university for classes, said the city traffic police had made arrangements to curb one-wheeling. Those motorcyclists who endangered their life and those of other motorists are arrested from different areas of the city. But this trend is increasing with passage of every day, he said.

The traffic authorities when contacted agreed that one wheeling was posing a serious challenge to the Rawalpindi,Lahore and Karachi city traffic police. “It is a serious problem and several accidents have been reported to us.

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