One & Only Jalsa at Jashn e Aazadi by Imran Khan


Now a days its a big debate at media and in public that weather Imran Khan could come in power in next elections and will take forward the worse condition of Pakistan to betterment or not.
Imran Khan is a national hero and first Pakistan Cricket Captain under whose supervision Pakistan’s Cricket team won the 1992 world cup. Imran Khan promises that PTI will come in power and will take out the country from this worse condition and Pakistan will start travelling on road to heaven. All other political parties are very scared of Imran Khan now a days. PMLN thinks that youth is joining PTI because Imran Khan was a cricketer in past so PMLN hired Amir Sohail and sarfaraz Nawaz against Imran Khan to capture the youth. But their is no comparison between Imran Khan and these two cricketers. Both cricketers are our national hero, but the youth is joining Imran Khan for his hard struggle in politics for last 2 decades.

At 14 August 2011 only one gathering was arranged to celebrate this Jashn e Azadi and it was arranged by Imran Khan all other parties were busy in fighting each other. The best celebration which was going to take place by ANP was they were going to hoist the Pakistani Flag on 15 August 2011 due to security issues, which was which was criticized by the whole nation.
What happens in next election no one knows, weather Imran will succeed in taking out Pakistan from the worse condition or feudal political parties will enjoy one another era of their Government as a sweet cake. May be PMLN could win the political fight from Imran Khan with their two new appointed soldiers, Sarfaraz Nawaz and Aamir Sohail.

Check the following Videos of Jashn e Azadi Jalsa arranged by PTI on 14 August 2011.

jashn e Azadi with Imran Khan

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