Nikah e Mut’ah A Temporary Marriage in Pakistan & UK – Sar e Aam Part 2 – 26 JULY 2013


Nikah e Mutah which is not allowed in many religions now a days. But it was practiced by Holy Prophet PBUH and it is discussed in Quran. Shia sect says that its still allowed but most of Ahle-Sunnat sect says its not allowed.
Many Shia & Sunni muslims are practicing it now in UK and different part of world. Many Sunni scholar says that its allowed but most of them disallow it. Nikah e Mutah in UK is getting popular. On other hands Nikah e Misyar & Mutah in Egypt & Arab countries is being practiced now a days. Rules of Nikah e misyar are similar to the rules of Nikah e Mutah.
Nikah Mutah (temporary marriage) follow the same rules which are ordered for permanent marriage. we discussed about the BBC report about Nikah e Mutah in UK some days back.
Part 1 of this program about Nikah e Mutah was aired on 19 July 2013.


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