Night Clubs, Prostitution, Gambling & Massage Centers in Islamabad


Illicit relations, prostitution, Massage Centers & Gambling culture is on now a days in the guest houses of Islamabad which turns to Night Clubs in Evening.
All these things those were much away from Pakistan now are opening and becoming popular day by day, Pakistani media is doing its best to propagate the low cultural activities in Pakistan. Even Porn Movies are being produced in Pakistan, These sex movies are made by local youth in Pakistan.
Police says they have arrested the people red handed in Islamabad from brothels and these guests houses cum night clubs but normally these peoples get free due to the lack of evidence. Police says as much sex workers they arrest in their raids as prostitutes and sex workers are increasing day by day. Even now many NGOs are arranging the sex workshops for the sex workers in Pakistan.
According to the police they are doing their best for the removal of this crime from the city, but thousands of prostitutes and brothels are working in Islamabad and brothels are also providing the liquor and massage services. Guest houses are the hot places for these activities, these guest houses turns into the night clubs in evenings and they provide all services to the customers.
brothels & Sex places in Islamabad

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