NICL Scandal – Amin Fahim Offers to Return Rs. 41 Million


A new turn in NICL Multi Billion rupees scandal, Commerce Minister Makhdoom Amin Fahim has offered to return some money.
Sources told that Khalid Anwer and Khwaja Butt sold a plot of 10 acres in Korangi to NICL for Rs. 900 Million only. Money was transfered in their join account.
Rs. 41 Million paid to Amin Fahim minister of rulling party PPP to clear the loan accounts. After pressure from high authorities FIA started investigation and report includes the name of Amin Fahim which was submitted in Court.
FIA revealed the name of Amin Fahim’s involvement in this Scandal. Sources told that Fahim agreed to return Rs. 41 Million which he received from Anwer and Butt’s account. Fahim hesitantly admitted hi involvement in the scandal.
Amin Fahim confirmed that he sold his bungalow in Defence area Karachi for Rs. 76 million and submitted post dated cheques of Rs. 41 million.

amin fahim scandal

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