Nawaz Sherrif Slapped by Kamran Khan on his Comments that No Terrorism in India


Nawaz Sherrif who stated that their are no terrorism in India, slapped badly by the answer of Kamran Khan, Nawaz Sherrif is very faithful with India, don’t know why, he has forgotten that Indian Army is killing thousands of innocent peoples in Kashmir for last 6 decades, he has forgotten thousands of Muslims killed in India because they were Muslim, many mosques destroyed, Muslims are unable to get a flat in Bombay because they are Muslim. How any one can say that their is no terrorism in India?
Trains are being burned in India, many politicians and Indian Army officials are accused of killings and barbarism in India but Nawaz Sherrif doesn’t know. Indian media is making movies and publishing stories of terrorism activities in India but Mr. Nawaz Sherrif is saying their is no terrorism.
Whole World knows about the killings of Muslims in Gujrat but Nawaz Sherrif is out of order because he loves Indian heroins so he doesn’t want to say any thing against India.

nawaz sherrif slaped

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