Mother raped twice by Fake PEER Sahab in Bhakkar


Bhakkar: A pir was accused of raping a woman after drugging her and her daughters on Saturday.
In Notak Nasheb Sainghar, pir Javed Shah forced broke into Shehzadi Bibi’s house late at on Friday night and told her that her house was haunted by ‘evil’ djinns who were causing her daughters to fall sick.
He said that he had several djinns ‘under his control’ that could turn out the others if she agreed to do what he said. Shah gave Shehzadi and her daughters glasses of water that had been drugged and the family fell unconscious. Shehzadi, her nine-year-old daughter Shazia and seven-year-old daughter Shumaila fainted and when they woke up the next day Shah was gone.
Javed Shah repeatedly raped Shehzadi the entire night. When the family woke up the next day and went to the hospital doctors refused to treat her for fear of the djinns.
“The children came screaming to us for help and told us what happened. We took them to the hospital but people were fearful of attending to her when they heard about what had happened with the djinns,” said a neighbour, Rahat.
Shehzadi eventually received treatment at a clinic and has registered a case against Javed Shah with the police.
Police officials are searching for the accused who fled the district.
Published in The Express Tribune, April 10th, 2011.

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