Miss Pakistan World 2009 Ayesha Gilani


Standing 5 feet 7 inches, Ayesha Gilani competed in the world’s largest beauty pageant- Miss Tourism Queen International 2009.

Just a month after a 10 day drilling in Miss Pakistan World on the 27th of June in Toronto, Ayesha Gilani has flown over to Shanghai to compete with 81 beauties from around the world.From Lahore, Miss Gilani received her Masters in English from Washington DC.
Miss Tourism Queen International was founded by Mr. Charlie See. Since 1949, there have been more than 80 countries occasionally holding this competition for their Miss Tourism National Queen. In 1993, the Miss Tourism Queen International Organization held the first world final competition in Sri Lanka, and later in USA, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and many other countries as well. Miss Tourism Queen International contests have been held in China for six years from 2004 to 2009.

With the mutual benefit between Miss Tourism Pageant and the Tourist City, this event attracts full support from different circles in the society, and the special involvement of the press and TV media. With around coverage from about 250 journalists and over 50 TV media’s broadcasting, Miss Tourism Queen International serves as an international platform for the involved regions, tourist cities, tourist products, and fashion and luxury goods.
Miss Pakistan World has sent delegates to over 20 international pageants in just under 7 years, winning various sub-titles. Gilani, won the Miss Congeniality Award as well as winning the pageant at the 7th Miss Pakistan World pageant that was held June 2009. Gilani will be the 4th representation for Pakistan since the pageant started 5 years ago.

Sonia Ahmed, President of Miss Pakistan World said, “It is very important to keep Pakistan’s pageant industry alive amongst all the turmoil Pakistan faces on a daily basis. We are dedicated to prolonging the pageant industry and keeping it as active as possible. With Ayesha Gilani going to international beauty pageants, this

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