Meera’s Virginity test by Family Court


meera virginity test
LAHORE: Family Court Judge Masod Akhter Kiyani on Saturday reserved judgement on two applications filed by a man claiming to be actor Meera’s husband. He will announce his decision on April 26.
Meera had filed a suit for jactitation of marriage asking the court to stop Atiqur Rehman from claiming to be her husband.
She said he was trying to gain cheap publicity through the claim and trying to defame her.
She said that pictures and a marriage certificate produced by Rehman were fakes.
In response, Rehman filed two applications, one seeking a test to determine whether Meera was a virgin and the second to determine who owned the house she was living in. Rehman claimed the house belonged to him.
However, Rehman and his lawyer have not been appearing before the court to argue the applications, despite several summons.

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