Medi Plus Owner Atif Riaz Brother of MPA Shaharyar Riaz Caugh Killing at CCTV


Owner of Meid Plus Atif Riaz who is a brother of MPA Shaharyar Riaz caught killing his employee at CCTV footage.

Please from the brother:
With due respect, It is stated that my brother was murdered on 26-june-2012 at Medi Plus, medical store located in sector F-6 islamabad. police filed FIR # 24872 page 268 of 302 against the murderer, He was arrested at the spot along with his weapon SMG Gun. He is currently in Adyala jail now. Firstly this case was investigated by IO Saifullah, in Kohsar Police Station, his cold behavior with the victim family was not acceptable consequently was not bearable. After my brother’s murder our family men Wander here and there, from S.H.O kohsar police TO S.S.P but not anyone bother to assist us. Then we wrote an application for change of investigation, this case was second investigated by Capt Mustansar Feroze, he was looking very kind to us and it was looking as he is investigating this case fairly, but when we give him the names of those persons who are behind and supporting that murderer, he said i’ll arrest them and investigate them also, but after number of visits to him for updates about the case, he told us that these men aren’t behind this murder although the weapon SMG gun which is unlicensed is belongs to the owner of shop named Atif Riaz,he also told us that they are supporting the murderer in adyala jail, giving him legal and moral aid. but i’ll not arrest them because this is not confirmed that Atif Riaz is behind this murder. we asked him please arrest him and then investigate in 109, the court will give decision whether he is involved or not, He completely ignored our application which was “TATMIAN BIYAN” and didn’t arrest them and completed his investigation. Moreover he didn’t add details of my brother’s phone call record and murderer’s cell phone record in the final documents of investigation. After all our efforts, we are still in dark room.

Till to date we don’t now the bone of contention between my brother and that murderer, police is completely failed to ask from murderer as why he killed my brother deliberately. This man killed my brother which is very much clear from CCTV footage but the owners spread rumor in whole territory of Islamabad as this is friendly fire case.

Police isn’t arresting those men who are behind this only because they have money and also having political background but what about my brother’s blood. What was his fault and What about his four children, his wife and children are awaited for justice and daily asks from us about the case updates.

Respect Sir,

Please Please help us out, we need justice sir, we have CCTV footage, please i beg to you the justice
Faisal Alvi

medi plus owner killer

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