Marwa Al-Sherbini A muslim women killed because of her scarf in Germany


EARLY in July the story unfolds: A three months pregnant 32-year old woman isstabbed to death 18 times by a 28-year old man in front of her three-year-oldson inside a courtroom and the judge is a witness. Her husband is shot by thecourt security guard as he tried to save his wife. He ends up in hospital incritical condition. The boy is taken out of the courtroom crying, “Where isMum?”
The story did not get the extensive coverage it deserves by the media. And no questions were posed: How the knife of the attacker was got into thecourtroom? Why did the court security guard fire his gun at the husband? Whydoes the media insist that the husband was “accidentally” shot by the securityguard in the courtroom as he tried to save his wife? If the killer were a Muslim and the woman is a Jew the media will cover thestory for months not days and every Western politician of any and all stripeswould have condemned this hate crime.

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