Man Married with the Niece of his Wife in Karachi


Karachi: A man has been sent to jail by a judicial magistrate for marrying the niece of his wife, a marriage which religious scholars have termed un-Islamic. The girl has been given to the custody of the Women Police Station.

Mohammed Zahid married 20-year-old Qurratul-Ain, the niece of his wife, on May 22, 2011. The father of the girl, Inam Ali Shah, in his complaint, has stated that his brother-in-law, Zahid, had kidnapped his daughter and then forcibly married with her.

However, it has transpired during investigations that the girl had married Zahid on her free will. In her statement before the magistrate, she disclosed that she had not been kidnapped and that she married the man on her free will.
marriage in pakistan
The girl’s father later sought the opinion of Daurl Amjadia and Jamia Binnori on the marriage. Scholars of both the institutions termed the marriage un-Islamic, saying they should be separated immediately.

On this, the court on Saturday sent Zahid to jail and Qurratul-Ain to the custody of women police.

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