Man chopped the leg and fingers of his cousin over the refusal to his proposal in Lahore


GULSHANE Ravi investigation police on Monday arrested the accused who had chopped the leg and fingers of his cousin over the refusal to his proposal on Saturday.

Accused Nadeem Abbas has confessed in police custody that victim Fauzia had refused to marry him, upon which, he got infuriated and planned to kill Fauzia. Investigation officer of the case, Mehmood Ahmad, also confirmed the arrest of the accused and said that he had confessed to his crime. However, he said further investigation is underway.
Fauzia, 20, was deprived of her one leg during an operation at Mayo Hospital to save her life after she got brutally wounded while thwarting an alleged rape attempt. Fozia, whose parents had died, was living with her brothers and sisters in a house at Mukadas Park, Gulshan Ravi. She was alone at home when her cousin Nadeem Abbas along with his three accomplices knocked at her door.

When she opened the door, they stormed into the house and tried to rape her. The accused tied her legs and hands with her Dupata but the victim raised hue and cry and put up resistance to foil the rape attempt.

The culprits increased the volume of television so that nobody could hear her cries. However, after failing in the attempt, they made consecutive attacks by sharp weapons on different parts of her body.

They injured her limbs, including legs, hands and shoulders. They fled after committing the heinous crime. On Sunday, a doctor conducted surgery and he had to cut her leg to save her life.

The victim’s elder sister Khalida said that police had registered a case. She said that Nadeem was notorious and he had already ruined the life of a girl. She added that after Fauzia refused to get married with Nadeem, the latter planned to kill her along with his accomplices. She demanded stern action against the accused.

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