Lahore Police after Meera


After a thorough investigation, the Defence-A police on Friday registered a first information report against actress Meera and conducted a raid of her house in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA).

The FIR, filed by actress Meera’s husband Attiqur Rehman against her, her parents, her uncle, brother and brother-in-law on charges of theft and criminal intimidation, contends that he married Meera on September 2, 2007. He said he spent most of his time abroad due to business and could not see her very often. He said he returned to Pakistan on August 28 and went to his house in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA), only to find Meera, her mother Shafqat Begum, her father Sarwar, her brother Ahsan, her brother-in-law Raheel and her uncle Abbas attempting to steal items from the house, including furniture and a generator. When he tried to stop them, he added, they threatened him and escaped with all his possessions.

Defence-A Police Station House Officer Abid Rasheed told Daily Times that FIR #1,209 had been registered against Meera, her parents, uncle, brother, brother-in-law and five unidentified persons under sections 380 and 506 of the Pakistan Penal Code. He said police had conducted a raid to arrest them, but they had fled their house in the DHA.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Sarfaraz Virk ordered an investigation into Rehman’s claims on August 31 after both parties forwarded conflicting allegations. Despite the weeklong investigation, Meera has not yet appeared before police and in a press conference alleged that Rehman had attacked her with intent to murder. Meanwhile, Rehman has provided police with his nikah document, which states that Rehman would be bound to pay Rs 20 million to Meera if he divorced her. It also states that he had to pay Rs 100,000 to Meera per month as “pocket money” and Rs 500,000 as dower money.

Police also confirmed that the Makkah Colony nikahkhawan had solemnised Meera and Rehman’s nikah, adding it had been duly registered with the union council. However, Meera’s mother denied her daughter had been married to Rehman. Similarly, Meera initially claimed that Rehman was her business partner and was blackmailing her before admitting that she was married to him, but it was “on paper” only.

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