Lahore Metro Bus Service Exposed by Hasan Nisar on Dunya News TV


Lahore metro bus service expose by the Hassan Nisar on his program at Dunya News TV. He says PMLN paid Rs. 1000 million per 1 kilometer on the track. Hassan Nisar added that there are 27 stops in this track and if bus stops for 2 min on each stop so it will take 54 minutes on stops what about the remaining time to reach on its destination. Punjab Govt. is announced the record time of 56 minutes to reach on destination.
He added Punjab Govt. will pay Rs. 360/km to the burraq company as a rent. Life of these buses is approx 10 years and Govt. will pay 1500 million Rs. to burraq company for rent and maintenance of these buses.
Expenses of bus drivers, bus stops, all other workers, cleaning, electricity, all not included. Hassan nisar says its the most expensive subsidies project which is launched by Punjab Govt.
bus stop, track.. workers… not included..

hasan nisar program

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