Kill Ahmadi’s & Get Reward – Pamphlet Distributed in Faisalabad


A Pamphlet was distributed in Faisalabad containing the bad words against the minorities, mentioning to kill Ahmadi’s will be rewarded by God.

Pakistan was made for Muslims and other minorities and it was clearly messaged by founder of Pakistan Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in his speech that every one will be free to practice his religion according to his will. But now a days we see that peoples are being killed just for their religion, because they are Kafir, a term used by some extremists and any one could be a Kafir who will not accept their orders or will follow them, some days back in DI Khan pamphlet was distributed that Shia peoples are Kafir, now another Pamphlet is distributed that to Kill Ahmadi’s is a good work and killer will be rewarded by God.
Now at this point we should see what does Quran says at this issue, “Any one who killed a one human being is a killer of whole humanity.” This is the message of Quran and Islam. But what kind of Muslims are these who says to kill a person is a good work. May God guide all of us and keep us at the right path.
Killing Ahmadi's a Good Work

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