“Kaptaan” The Movie about Imran Khan will be Super Hit


Kaptaan, a feature film about the life history of Imran Khan is being produced by the independent filmmakers in Lahore. Movie will cover the whole life of Imran Khan from Cricket Captain to Political Leader.
Movie is in post production phase, which will explore the life of former captain or Kaptaan of Pakistan Cricket Team.

Faisal Aman Khan, an idependent film maker who graduated from London school met with imran khan many times during the research period for the movie.
Movie contains the scenes of major incidents of Khan’s life. such as his arrest at Punjab University in Lahore, Khan’s hunger strike, including the intimate scenes with his ex wife, Jemima Khan.
Selection of actors was a big challenge, at last a local model Abdul Mannan, with resemblance to Cricketer selected for the main role of the movie. This movie will be in the list of movies based on the inspiring stories of national hero’s like Jinnah and Gandhi.
Saeeda Imtiaz, Pakistani-American model who is playing the role of Jemima Khan in the movie. Her role is about Jemima’s living in Pakistan and her complex relations with Imran Khan. Over 107 actors worked in the movie with the 12 members of production team. Movie will be released all over Pakistan in theaters as well as in abroad.

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