Jinnah Pur Maps Are Saved in Army Record – Brigadier Asif


Brigadier Asif says maps of Jinnah pur are still saved in the record of Pakistan Army, Which were recovered from Nine Zero in 1992.
jinnah pur maps are saved

  • Sohail Akhtar

    Brig. Asif Haroon told that Maj. Nadeem Dar of Pakistan Rangers, Asif Nawaz Janjua and other government functionaries presents in that meeting where they (government functionaries) retrieved Jinnah Pur Maps. If these are truth so why PML(N) went MQM Headquarter (90) for alliance. IF MQM TRAITOR, so why PML(N) was loyal, patriotist. PML (N) is a traitor. please make a talk show with Javed Chouhdry or Kashif Abbasi’s program. Thanks

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