Jamat e Islami Applied for $ 17.5 Million Aid to US for opening TV Channel


jamaat e islami scandalsJamaat Islamic ally of Alqaeda in other words we can say. Jamaat Islamic supported Taliban accepted at TV Channels many times that Jamaat Islami supports Taliban even Jamaat Islami arranged protests at the death of Osama Bin Laden and offered vanished Namaz Janaza of Osama Bin Laden.
In this video Mubashir Luqman a TV Anchor exposes the real face of Jamaat Islami Latest Scandal in which Jamaat Islami applied to US for the Aid of $17.5 Million to open a TV Channel.
In Public Jamaat Islami says GO America GO – and behind the veils they says Give America Give us Money. Have a look in this video proof of application of US for the Aid of $17.5 Million to open a TV Channel by Jamaat Islami Pakistan.

In public Protests Jamiat says Go America Go have a look in following picture.
jamaat e islami scandals

  • ehtesham

    assalam o alaikum

    Mubasshir Luqman Didnt prove that jamaat was asking aid, and in another programme he has read the Denial of Jamaat e Islami of the charges and if jamaat has applied for the aid then it was not only mubashir but the whole media start claiming Jamaat e islami because no one has a proof even usaid it self did not say that jamaat or the peiople asociated with jamaat applied for it..


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