Islami Jamiat Talaba tortured employees in Punjab University – Caught at TV


Jamiat Talba tortured employees in Punjab University

Islami Jamiat Talba tortured employees in Punjab University

Now a days political parties in colleges and universities have become the gangsters, they work what ever they want, they make management and teachers to obey these gangsters and follow their instructions. Once in a week or 15 days one clash between two parties is fixed and will effect the study of students. Here we have a video in which guys belongs to Islami Jamiat Talba are caught beating the employees of Punjab university because University management was not allowing Jamiat Talba to arrange a book fair and ordered these two employees to remove the posters from walls. In result guys of Jamiat Talba beated these two employees very badly and broke some of their bones.
These Book fair stalls are actually way to trap the new students to get them into the political party. This is not fixed with Jamiat only these type of activities are actually arranged with high budget to capture the new students and increase the power and no. of members of any political party in colleges and universities. Have a look at the video.

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