Internet use of Paksitani youth


I have been using different social media networks from past four years. In this time period I saw many changes among the minds of youth and how they use the social media networks. It is a fact that a country’s future depends on its youth, but what will happen if the youth does not take best advantage or put the best use of the facilities he/she has been provided with. What if 65 percent Pakistani’s start using internet for good purposes (65% of population is young i.e. 18 years to 32 years). If we see different statistics in Pakistan from this 65 percent only 18,500,000 Internet users as of Jun/09 that is only 10.6 percent of total population of Pakistan, now where other 55.4 percent youth gone they do not have any access to internet, 168,100 broadband subscribers as of June/09 so it is obvious that the internet penetration is very less in Pakistan.
The boys and girls out there who uses internet are mostly involved in playing games on Facebook and spent time chatting or just surfing websites that are not decent or just watching songs on YouTube and hence the time is void. I am not saying that they don’t chat or other stuff but they must take the best use of opportunity they are provided with.

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