Indian Doctor Arrested for Sexually Abusing Minor Girls in US


Indian pediatrician charged for sexually abusing minor girls as 11 years old and compiling notes about molesting the girls.
53 years old Rakesh Punn drugs the victims with with sedatives, cover their eyes during assaults and saying the girls they are going under necessary medical examinations.
Dr. Punn also recorded the videos and took photographs of his naked victims, according to US investigation team. He was arrested in July 2010 and will face 7 years jail if found guilty. He recorded at least 7 videos of his victims. He used to lie the naked on examining table, blindfold them and video tape their sexual contact including touching the sexual organs. Small digital camera was also installed in his desk and he used to expose the breasts of patients in various positions.
sexual abuse by indian doctor
source: timesofindia

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