Indian Corruption Scandal – Chief Minister Caught in $3.6 Billion Scam


South Indian Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa, 68, head of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party caught in the scam for $ 3.6 billion mining fraud case.
Yeddyurappa resigned in Bangalore after being accused in scam. “I have resigned from the chief minister’s post as directed by the party’s high command after serving the state for over 38 months to the best of my ability,” he said.
Judge Santosh Hegde accused the C.M for enabling the mining of iron ore in state, cost of $3.6 Billion from 2006 to 2010.
Hegde said involvement of some 100 mining companies, about 600 officials, powerful politicians including the chief minister”.
Report says Yeddyurappa’s family members benefited from the fraud and Govt. faced lost in terms of royalties and taxes. Yeddyurappa is accused of selling Govt. Land in a low prices to his family members, like a Pakistani Railway Minister Bashir Balor who benefited his family members from the land of railway.
Indian Corruption Scandal B.S. Yeddyurappa
Source: Geo

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