Imran Khan’s Rally Hits Minar e Pakistan with Thousands of Supporters


Imran Khan addressed thousands of supporters at Lahore Minar e Pakistan. Imran Khan said change has begun and its a sign of revolution, no one can stop this revolution. Problems which are being faced by Pakistan are due to corruption of corrupt leaders of Pakistan.
Imran Khan Said he will resolve the Pakistani Crises including electricity issues.
Pakistan is the richest state of world but these corrupt leaders of Pakistan changed it into the beggar state. Imran Khan said their is no comparison between Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari and he should step down from presidency.
Slogans Chanted in the Rally were: “Who will save Pakistan? Imran Khan, Imran Khan.” Slogan of Imran Khan’s Party is “through the corrupt Govt. and save Pakistan.”
Imran Khan warned corrupt politicians to bring their black money back to Pakistan and declare all the assets. Imran said PTI will stand with minorities and stand with the middle class. We will give the rights of our brothers in Baluchistan and their would be no military action against tribal people. Patwari system will be removed form Pakistan.
Another slogan was: “Mian Sahab jan Deyo Saadi Wari aan deyo.”
Mian Sahab Leave Now and Let our Turn Come“.

Images Source: Tribune

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