Imran Khan Chews Bubble Gum in Prayers on Stage


Imran Khan offered a prayers in his grand and the most successful Jalsa on 25 December 2011 in Karachi but caught chewing bubble gum by cameras. Check the video for more.


  • ad

    Salam ! comeon guyz…he did have in his mouth but chewed after the prayers…dont make a stupid headline to give wrong impression….be honest…

  • zak

    not imran fan but this is rubbish claim he was chewing gum.

  • Imran

    Myabe he put it on the side of his mouth during slah , never the less thats his personal amal and nothing to do with anyone between him and his rabb , He hasnt robbed any public exchequer whoich concerns the public which DOES concern the public !!!!!!!

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