Hidden Leaks of PNS Mehran Attack


PNS Mehran was attacked by 15 to 20 soldiers and were highly trained with latest ammunition and night vision glasses, all flew after attacking planes.

PNS Mehran was under attack by some terrorists, some sources told that Militants who attacked PNS Mehran were highly trained commandos with latest ammunition, they were firing with 2 Kalashnikov per commando and wearing night vision glasses, against it Pak Navy doesn’t have night vision facility.
pns mehran attack facts
When terrorists attacked Navy mans were on duty but with out guns they were on duty with sticks. When they saw attackers tried to stop them they killed one at post. All soldiers run for withdrawing guns, until soldiers withdrew ed guns for facing them terrorists fired one Rocket Launcher at plane, they destroyed some planes and most of their partners ran away leaving 4, in 5 minutes commando’s arrived at spot, Soldiers were unable to find them due to dark night but terrorist were using night vision and were easily targeting soldiers. Then Commando’s completed the operation and killed 4 terrorists.

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