Hashim Amla pays $500 fine for not wearing the shirt with wine tags


Hashim Amla a young and talented muslim cricketer in South African team pays $500 per month as a fine for not putting the tag of wine company at his t-shirt. Hashim Amla also refused the offer of IPL due to the dance and bad Indian Cricket Culture in IPL.

Hashim Amla got the first rank in ICC batsman rankings, Hashim Amla refused to wearing the t-shirt with the wine tag of Kingfisher company, Amla says that he is a muslim and Wine is prohibited in Islam so he will not become a part of the publicity of wine. At this reason Cricket board allowed him to play without wearing the t-shirt holding the tags of the companies but he have to pay $500 per month as a fine.

Hashim Amla pays $500 fine every month for not using wine tag at his t-shirt

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