Governor Punjab Salman Taseer and dance parties


We don’t care what other people wear…or do.. in their private lives.
But when our leader commits these types of sins in public they should
Be removed… after all Pakistan was founded in the name of Islam.
Salman taseer and his family is disgrace to this country…the governor
House has been converted into a party house.Even if American president is found drinking in public or having aRelationship…he’s removed from is presidency… but this is PAKISTAN,An Islamic country. ardari has made the most corrupt people his close friends…How could these people save Pakistan.. They can not even save themselves.Just look at these people’s security… all the traffic is block for 30 Minutes at least when they are on the road…People die on the roads because of them… and they are busy enjoying Their lives.. Party all night.



    • naveed akhtar

      nadir tum ne b acha likha aisay logon ki bezati hone chahye

      • Altaf

        Najim Sehti also there with Salman Taseer

  • Asifa Mehmood

    Whoever has posted this has a backward prespective of life. While the world is in the 21st century, part of pakistan is in the 14th century. What a shame! These are beautiful pictures of people having a nice healthy social life. Life needs to be balanced. Living under the burqa is disgraceful. And people who force women to wear the burqa are despicable. I hope these extremists change and live in peace and harmony with the world.

    • naveed akhtar

      tum sb jo is tarha ki comments likh rahy ho sharm karo siwaye ‘nad’ k. century chahy 19 ho ya 20 muslim muslim he hota ha.asifa mehmood tum ye mat sochna k ik din ALLAH k samne b jana ha q k tum logon ko fashion nazar ata ha nanga ghumna fashion karo.

      • arsal

        bhai ap nay thk kha hay thanks

    • Mansoor Ahmed

      Allah ki lanat ho tum pr ,

    • tehmina
    • shame on the dirty faces of such high profile leaders

  • Asifa Mehmood

    You **** extremist muslims living in the 14th century need to be skewered and roasted on a fire. All this violence and senseless acts of terrorism is committed by people of your kind. Go get a life and leave the progressive people like Saqlman Taseer’s family alone. It is a shame you have killed Salman Taseer who was a very honourable man, He was brave to fight for the rights of a Asia Bibi a poor defenseless woman. The retarded beast that killed him will burn in hell forever.

    • nad

      @asifa ok its v old fashioned to say about to cover ur bodies if u people are so eager to be naked then u should be quite open like americans this nude attitude is not so called ur liberal its like ***** which our girls want to be

      • haroon

        who the hell u all r to tell somebody wot to wear or wot not to wear. u terrorist cant respect ur mothers & sisters, living in the medieval ages. one day u all will be hanged to death. then no one will come to help u not even god. becoz u dont need him. u need to strpped & killed publicily.
        wait for ur judgement day before that we will judge u.

    • Ali

      Asifa i live in a westorn country as well like u ,i agree with some of ur points and i totally
      disagree with few.
      Veiling would be disrespectful for some ppl like like u who follow the fast pace of life and
      fashion simultaneously but honestly hijab helps amplify ones beauty and girls who wear vulgar dresses will end up getting raped by some one because their dresses provoke male pigs to do so and rape cases in these countries are way higher then any other muslim countries if u ask white girls personally u would come to know every third women has been a victim and u will agree with me if u dont want to deny the cruel reality.
      now coming back to ur verdict of beautiful life….i m not a practical muslim i do go to clubs but i dont drink ,i do go to beaches with girls in 2 piece bikknis but i dont touch them because i follow my culture and i let them follow theirs,drinking or banging girls is not the only thing that can give u pleasure but if ur acts put some one in a mental trauma then u should change ur habbits specially if u r a public figure and public takes motivation from u.
      secondly if muslim shows his emotions towards his religion he is called an extremist and if any non muslim disrespects any other religion specially islam then its called freedom of speech what a hypocratic world and sorry to say u seem to be a big fan of that hypocrat society, give ur opinons but do not disrespect our or any other religion or group of ppl ,thats what our religion says and other ppl who gave nuinsense comments should not forget how to respect women may be ur disrespect will make her more arrogant towards her negative thoughts and ur humble polite behaviour might change her thinkings.
      Allah bless u all.

    • atif mehmood

      assalam o alaikum!
      dear asifa mehmood!
      think about the words you had wrote there. what you think, these ppl, almost naked, are having a good social life???

      these fuckers and lickers are living a miserable life….

    • Mansoor Ahmed

      very good comments, i appreciate, womens like you are the shameful chapter of our society.Allah ap ko qayamat k din saman taseer k sath hi jaga de

  • rizwan

    Don’t Do This Man …… let them live their lives ….. they are just having FUN and you are the one who is jealous …. Look at those pics …. what is wrong in it …. don’t tell me you are still virgin .. or you don’t see other girls … and the girl is still a KID cant you see ….. you have lost it man …. i found you a desperate lonely guy who has nothing to do in his life instead of pointing his finger at others …. whatever ….

  • yea chahay nangay nachay humay un ki zati zindagi say koi gharaz nahi balkay jo in ki zati zindagi pay ungli utatay hay wo salay zara apnay giriban may jhank kay dhekay .jin ki khod ki zindagi sahi ho wo dosro pay ungli nahi utathay.
    kash apnay awam kay sath mukhlis hotay.
    ager dunya 500 sal ruk ker pakistan ki taraki ka intazar karay or curruption ki yahi soritihal ho to bi pakistan taraqi nahi ker sakay gay to pakistan taraqi karay ga yea isa hay jaisay ap din ko rat kaho or rat ko din hamaray rehnomawo say zyada zamidar wo awam hay jo khod ki chori ko sahi rehnoma ki chori ko taraqi ki rah may rokawat or pakistan ki tabahi ka zemedar gerdantay hay.
    pakistan kay ghareeb awam bohot jhooty makar apnay hukamrano say bi do hat agay hay.
    unt ray unt teri konsi kal sedhi
    may pakistan ka basi ho sub say bada chor may ho bus moqay ki bath hay.

  • ehsan

    come n u people sulman taseer was a leader …………..sheryar……or sherbano………….why u put fingers on them it 21 century ok u people are still standing in 19 century come on and to put finger on someone look in ur collars ok ………………….

  • Ahmad

    Ayash aur budmash family aysi hi hoti hi

  • rameez

    @all who are in support of these pics , ok i accept this they should live with happy lives but they are enjoying on our money which we gave them in form of taxes and now his family is paying for it.

  • shabib raza

    i must comment on these pics…
    if removing cloths from our bodies…. or showing our body parts are signs of 21st century or modernism than ANIMALS are more modern than human 😛

    well jokes apart
    i m not supporting extremism neither supporting secularism i just want to say…that QURAN and TALIMATE RASUL(S.A.W.W) is for all centuries either it is 1st or 21st or it is 50th century…In QURAN and SUNNAT the signs of things which are going on now a days are given then why are u changing urself and disobeying your teachings… QURAN has clearly said that (summarize) o prophet! ask ur wifes and ask wifes and sis of muslims to be cover against unknown persons(NA MEHRAM)… so is there any thng left… there are lot more aayats and hadiths…
    SO PLZ no more QURAN and no more HADITH can come now… follow these things… else dont attach muslim religion with u… because the person who cause curse to the ummat… is cancer for whole ummat….

  • Emir

    Shame on whoever posted these pictures… is clear that these pictures are taken when the people are not aware of the intentions of the photographer…you are all talking so much about the leaders….this gentleman was murdered, his sons now kidnapped and further to the pictures posted…who knows the daughters might get raped as well and then the PAKISTANI LAWS (which are more tribal and NOT islamic by the way will declare her at fault)….yeh hai mera Pakistani soch…We need IMRAN khan……ZINDABAD

  • lal

    while your so called molvees or Mullahs screw little boys while teaching Islam, you people are worried about these pictures from 21st century Pakistan. Shame on you bearded Bastards>

  • akbar

    what is this………….life is going forward they were so ahead and moving so what if they were wearing bikney………………….or someting else

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