Girl Rapped & Video Uploaded on Internet, Suspect Arrested


Karachi: 3 arrested for raping a girl and then uploading her vide on internet in Malir A-Area Karachi.
According to the Police last month Shan Qureshi, Zain Ali and Shahzad kidnapped a girl from Malikr A-Area, while she was going to a local learning center. All together raped the girl and recorded the video of this worse act and then uploaded it on Internet. Police have arrested these three and searching for their fourth partner.
girl raped in Karachi and video uploaded on internet
Pakistani Girl Rapped & Video Uploaded on Internet

  • Salmah Imran

    This is Pakistanies and this discusting thng hapens to the vry Pakistan one should b proud of. Shit people of Pakistan.

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