Geo TV Anchor Sana Bucha Facing Plagiarism Allegations


Sana Bucha a popular Geo TV anchor is facing now a day plagiarism allegations at one of her article, Sana bucha was a news caster then she started hosting a program namely Lekin, which is very popular program as well.
She is facing serious questions at her professional ethics and honesty at one of her article published in The News on Sunday 17 July 2011.
Her article is a word to word copy of the articled published in The Economist on July 14, 2011. Even some phrases in paragraphs are same.
Article in The News:
Article in Economist:
Sana Bucha Scandal

  • niazi

    sana i didnt expect this from you. i mean you are one of the most popularanchor of pakistan how could you becomes so fool ………wait wait now i think you are the hidden agent of nawaz party is that true just stop making fun of imran and pti ,,if u dnt do any thing then plz dnt try to stop anyone from doing good jobs ……

  • pakistani

    Both articles were written by MS Bucha… where is plagiarism

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