Funny Politics of Pakistan – Political Statement of Salman But for Shahbaz Sharif


Pakistani politicians say whatever comes to their mouth; they don’t think anything before saying. In current election campaign Shahbaz sharif said that we started a Lahore metro Bus service so vote us and my make my brother prime minister of Pakistan with your votes.

In the response of this statement, Hafiz salman butt said that if this is the point to become a P.M so let’s Call M.D of Daewoo and make him PM of Pakistan because he is running a successful bus service in whole Pakistan.

funny pakistan politics

  • KAM

    Daewoo is working for their own welfare and not just for the nation; it is a business as usual for transporters. But a Metro bus service is for the citizens, comfort and safe travelling in the Lahore city with affordable price.

    Please make sense when trying defaming Mr. Shahbaz Shariff’s effort in facilitating
    the common public.

    Roads are a key step ahead towards prosperity of the Nation.

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