Fraud with Swat IDPs: Kidnapping of Girls


Where the over-whelming majority of the people are reaching out and trying to help in their own way according to their capacity in need of hour, there are some black sheeps with steely hearts, who are robbing the Internally Displaced People from Swat, Buner and Dir. This is extremely horrendous and very much sad and heart-wrenching.Just like there appeared tragic and shocking stories after the earth quake of 2005 in Kashmir, stories are appearing out of Mardan, Swabi and even from the Islamabad.
Some satans kidnapped girls from the camps of victims and sold them to brothels, some killed the ladies and cut their arms to get the gold bangles, some cut the ears and throats of female dead bodies to get jewellery and there are many such incidents.

Some similar stories are appearing from the camps set up for the internally displaced people of Swat and Buner. Individuals and groups are active in these camps. These evil people are on the look out to exploit the hapless people who are already suffering. They kidnap girls from the camps.

They tell the families short on food, shelter, medicine and clothes that they are taking their kids to show to the donors outside the camps and when the kids would return, they would have enough money to ease their sufferings. Kids never return, especially the girl kids.

Though some NGOs and welfare organizations are doing their best to help out the people, many many have sprung up over night. These NGOs are reaching out to the international donors to get donations in the name of IDPs and these donations are going directly to the evil pockets.

These fake NGOs are exploiting the people. They even show the victim families to the donors, and then give peanuts to the victims from the donations and rest goes to their bank accounts.

So it is the need of the hour that society as a whole combat such evil NGOs, people and groups. National and International donors must not give donations to the individuals and unknown NGOs.

They should best give our their donations through Islamic Relief Pakistan, Red Crescent, Red Cross, United Nations, Edhi Foundation, Al-Khidmat Foundation and to the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s fund.

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