Former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz Cheap gifts Scandle


SLAMABAD: In two earlier reports, The News shared details of 736 ‘cheap’ gifts that former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz had taken away to London with him. But according to latest documents obtained byThe News.

There were another 250 gifts which he received as finance minister and prime minister and worth a minimum of but he never deposited them with Toshakhana as required by rules.

Even one wrist watch Tissot gifted by the Swiss defence minister was not evaluated at the Cabinet Division, only God knows on whose orders, as it was quietly handed over to Mr Aziz free of cost to wear it with his expensive dresses.

Aziz also did not allow evaluation of one replica of Deer (crystal) gifted by CEO Qatar Airways and took it away to London to decorate his multimillion pounds residence.

He took away many important and expensive gifts without getting any evaluation done and thus and retained them free of cost. He did not send several important books he received from different heads of states on important subjects of history to the Cabinet Division or even pay their drastically slashed prices. This list shows that several expensive coins given by the head of states of different countries were also retained by Aziz free of cost and no price evaluation was made.

Items which were neither evaluated or priced included: One currency note plus ten coins of UK in a frame which was gifted by the state for commonwealth affairs, President of Uzbekistan’s gifted cap, scarf. Governor Bokhara gave one cap, four decoration pieces, packet of green tea (must be one rare precious cargo). One book Canvas gifted by Economic Correspondent Money Desk Singapore. The prime minister of India gave seven important books to Aziz during his trip to New Delhi, one miniature of Chinese traditional girl given by Heritage Cultures Chinese Customs, one miniature picture of Panda with magnifying glass given by Panda park, one coin (Holey Dollar) given by head of Macquarie securities Asia, Australia, one Pewter and re\Resin Round box given by the secretary of state for foreign and common wealth affairs, chairman Antofagasta Jean Paul luksic gave one expensive paper weight, pair of copper replica of the Santa Maria culture, one model of aeroplane given by Brazilian commander air force, Two cups given by Asia House, one soccer ball by CEP Asia Pacific, famous Chinese ancient book on the war strategies – The Art of War – with wooden stand was given by minister and head of all China federation of industry and commerce. One ballpoint (Mont Blank), five bottles of Caspian Caviar with spoons given during his visit to Azerbijan, one axe given by chief of staff, UAE Armed forces, ambassador of the republic of Uzbekistan gave four rare coins, regeneration service committee London gifted one decoration piece.

Talking to The News from London, ex-PM Aziz spokesman said, “all the gifts were retained by Mr Aziz under the government policy”.

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