First Female Anti Narcotics Force Launched in Pakistan


14 women from Anti-Narcotics force promoted to lady constables after training of narcotics smuggling at airports. It will support in cases female smugglers are involved. Lady constables passed out along with other 28 women cadets in a parade held on Wednesday at (ASF) Aviation Security Force Academy.

“If our airports are safe then our economy will grow.” (PIA) managing director Nadeem Yousufzai.

Yousufzai was chief guest with ASF DG Azam Tiwana. Chief told that the troops who are posted in Skardu will receive free PIA tickets. After attack at naval base, we have increased our security and now I am fully satisfied with our strategy. said Chief.

Ramsha Manzoor, 22, from Lahore cadet college says, “I want to support my family,” she said. “I do not think that there will be any problems in my line of work. I plan to achieve all my goals at the ASF and complete my education.”
Female anti narcotics force Pakistan

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