Film star associated with 3 womans


Sandra Bullock in 1964 in Arlington, Virginia was born. His many films and this year could present Academy Award for Best Actress to win. But these days his life is out of normal mode and a media controversy has become. Is the story of Jesse James betrayed his wife Sandra, and has had contact with another woman!
Jesse James for 11 months and just when Sandra was busy filming his new movie with a woman named Michelle McGee has established a romantic relationship. However, two other women have claimed that James was in your documents are also provided
After Sandra noticed this connection, the wife of her apologized and asked him to forgive Azsandra Bullock, but reports show that Sandra has decided to give his wife called and even spoke with his lawyer and left the preparatory work for the separation and Jesse James also has done. Sandra and Jesse together about five years ago, are married. Jesse James also married twice before, but it was Sandra Bullock’s first marriage. 40 Jess and Sandra 45 years old. Before Sandra other prominent women have won once in the Academy have been separated from his wife: Holly Berry, Julia Roberts and Kate Winslet that their last few weeks before his wife were divorced. Do you have Oscar Curse

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