Filipina maid in Dubai wants to release from employer


A Filipina woman in the UAE is pleading for help to be freed from her abusive employer, who she claims has kept her in virtual captivity, Dubai-based 7DAYS newspaper reported.

The paper said it received a distress call from the 44-year-old housemaid who claimed that she had not been let out of her employer’s villa in a posh Dubai neighbourhood since she arrived in the city in 2008.

“I didn’t know who else to call – but we really need someone to help. There are three of us here working as maids and we are being treated very badly,” the paper quoted the unidentified maid as saying.

“I am speaking to you from the storeroom. My madam is in the house but I have a few minutes down here before she’ll be looking for me.”

The woman, the longest serving of the three live-in staff, alleged their boss has been aggressive, controlling and psychologically abusive, according to 7DAYS.

Responding to the newspaper’s query, a UAE Ministry of Labour official advised her to contact police.

“She should call the police, absolutely. This is a human rights issue. They will help her,” the official was quoted as saying in the report.

There are frequent reports of maid abuse in Middle Eastern countries, which rely on cheap domestic workers from many Asian countries, especially from the Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Human rights groups say housemaids often face slavery-like conditions and sexual abuse.

New York-based group Human Rights Watch urged Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Kuwait late last year to do more to protect domestic workers.

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