Father Hanged for Raping a Daughter


Lahore: Session Judge sentenced a Father to death for raping his daughter on Friday.
District & Sessions Judge Muhammad Tahir ordered to hang Zia Majeed, accused of raping his teenager daughter, student of high school. Majeed claimed that case is false.
Nazia complained against Majeed about the issue, Nazia is a wife of Majeed and living with her mother after separation with Majeed. Nazia said on 18 May 2009 when her brothers visited Majeed’s home for compromising they heard the voice of her daughter, next day teacher of her daughter called her and told that the child was raped by her father. Majeed told the court that he is innocent and she is blaming him due to the divorce issue and she plotted the case with her brothers after divorce. Majeed said his daughter was upset due to her engagement against her will and he registered a FIR against the brothers of his ex-wife.
Sub Inspector Ghulam Murtaza, a investigation officer declared Majeed as innocent, but Majeed was haded over to SP Jawad Qamar at another complaint and Jawad Qamar found him guilty.
Is this a plan of a mother to get her children back or a plan of a sharp woman to revenge from her ex-husband or negligence of law and enforcement agencies as well as judiciary, now its up to the readers to decide.
father raped daughter

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