Fake Degree Case: Senior Minister Accused of Rewarding Director’s post


Peshawar, Former Registrar of Gomal university, involved in bogus graduation degree for Senior Minister Rahimdad Khan has been rewarded
a Planing Director’s Post by the Senior Minister.

Advocate Qazi Mohammad Anwer stated before a two-member bench comprising Chief Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan and Justice Yahya Afridi that the then registrar of Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan, Dil Nawaz Khan, had connived with the then vice-chancellor for arranging a graduation degree for Mr Rahimdad and now the same official had been made director planning.
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Advocate Abdul Lateef Yousafzai, appearing for Mr Rahimdad, objected to the assertions made by Mr Anwer and stated that so far nothing could be said about contents of an inquiry conducted by the university.

The bench was hearing two writ petitions related to the graduation degree of Mr Rahimdad. One of the petitions is filed by Farman Ali, a voter in PF-27 constituency, who has challenged the election of Mr Rahimdad on the grounds that he possessed a fake graduation degree.

The second petition is filed by Mr Rahimdad. He has challenged an order of the election tribunal, hearing two election petitions against him, of submission of the report of an inquiry conducted by the Gomal University on the request of Higher Education Commission.

At the very outset of the proceedings, Qazi Anwer, appearing for Farman Ali, contended that the said inquiry report could clear everything as it was mentioned in the report that the then vice-chancellor and registrar of the university had issued a bogus degree to Mr Rahimdad.

Lateef Yousafzai objected to the statement adding that the contents of that inquiry could not be discussed as the report was not before the court.

Mr Anwer requested the bench that he may be allowed time for filing an application for the production of the said inquiry report before the court.

The bench directed Mr Anwer to submit the said application within three days following which Mr Yousafzai should file a reply to that application within the next three days. On the next hearing, the court would hear that application to decide whether to summon that inquiry report or not, the bench further said.

Lateef Afridi, appearing for Shahid Khan, a rival candidate who had lost to Rahimdad in 2008 general elections, stated that the court had stayed the consideration of the said inquiry report by the election tribunal following which no noteworthy proceedings could take place before the tribunal.

The bench observed that as both the petitions had already been clubbed, therefore, it would be heard on next hearing. The bench fixed June 22 for next hearing.

Meanwhile, the bench also adjourned hearing of another writ petition challenging the election of provincial minister, Sher Azam Wazir, on the ground that he possessed fake graduation degree.

The bench was informed that Mr Wazir`s Counsel Athar Minallah could not turn up, therefore the hearing was adjourned till June 22. The petition has been filed by a voter of his constituency in Bannu, Waheedullah Khan.

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