education minister trades in women (for establishing peace and ghairat?)


Do you folks know who is the new education minister of Pakistan? It is, none other than, Mr. Mir Hazar Khan Bajarani.
Source: Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan

The guy who was sent to prison by CJ Iftikhar Muhammad Ch. for trading 5 young girls, as compensation for murder right after he got reinstated. Our new education minister is a guy who trades in women (for establishing peace and ‘ghairat’). And I thought I’d seen everything.

Capital Talk – 6 November 2008 | Pakistan Politics
Samar Minallah exposed him..
Another Member in PPP Government is Seator Israrullah who defended killing of five women (They were burried alive) and openly declared them in the assembly as honor killing. He is in the new cabinet now!Gillani shaib made him minister….What the hell is wrong with PPP.They’re just inviting another military Coup!

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