MQM insisted United States “Don’t Ignore us” – Wikileaks Video


Wikileaks revealed that in 2008 MQM send a message to US that don’t ignore MQM because MQM is not opposite to the policies of United States.
NW Peterson wrote in a letter to Washington that MQM leaders are insisting that don’t ignore MQM, MQM is not against the policies of United States in a meeting with Mustafa Kamal, Farooq Sattar and Haider Abbas Rizvi.
MQM says United States consider MQM a terrorist group even MQM is supporting the policies of United States and America should make Canadian Immigration that MQM is not a terrorist group. Petersen promised to MQM that she will do her best in this issue. Farooq Sattar said that they are ready to work with any party weather PPP or PMLQ after the elections as a collision partner. Farooq sattar also mentioned that incident of 12 May was a black day for MQM and MQM lost the popularity in other cities of Pakistan. Farooq Sattar said that to arrange a Rally against Chief Justice of Pakistan was a wrong decision and MQM lost their 14 workers in the incident of 12th May. Wikileaks says in the end Peterson send message to United States that they received many proves of cheating against MQM.
MQM is a political party started decades back from Karachi and then no. of workers of MQM increased day by day and now MQM is approximately in a whole province of Sindh. MQM is working in social services as well like Ambulance Service in country under the name of Khidmat e Khalaq Foundation. MQM supported very much to earth quake victims in 2005. Many operations launched against MQM but these operations didn’t effected the party. Now MQM is growing in Punjab and other provinces as well.

wikileaks about MQM

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