Dolly Bindra Exposing Veena Malik at Samaa TV Interview Live



  • huma

    Why oh Why did Samaa TV stoop so low.

    This Phindra lady is a nobody! She kept having to repeat who she was as though she was a real asset to Bollywood. If you have to tell people who you are, you really are not as famous as you think! She is a Z lister at best and disgustingly vile and hateful! Is her own life really in the dumps that she has to resort to making her main mission in life having to spew hate.

    She talks about woman etiquette yet she had very little to show for it, she had a constant urge to flick her wig back as though she was recreating a scene from baywatch but it came across to viewers like she had a terrible itch which she just could not get rid of! She was screaming at the top of her lungs constantly to a point where I had to lower the volume down several notches to get a “normal” sound level!

    She kept talking about Veena going nude but it is Veena’s body at the end of the day and she may do what she sees fit. I’m confident that if this she-male had half the body Veena did she too would be flaunting it as opposed to dressing in a duvet to cover her umpteen folds and love handles!

    AND strewth! She kept rambling on about Veena having no right to talk about her – which is all a bit rich coming from her!

    Personally, I do not agree with what Veena chooses to do but she is not representing Pakistan at the end of the day and I can not tell her how to live her own life just as no one can tell me how to live mine.

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