Debate on Burqa & Veil ban in France – V. interesting with Facts


debate at ban on burnqa and niqab very important

debate at ban on burnqa and niqab

Its a choice to any one how does he lives and can not be banned by law if some one is practicing his religion but in some states of world Govt. have started putting bans at some dressings like ban at Burqa or Niqab (Veil). Same here in France by French president practicing Burqa or Veil is banned. This debate is related to the same topic that one should use veil or not what does religion says and what does morality says and law says… in US its allowed to all to practice their religion as they want. Islam is the second most practiced religion in France total 2000 womans use veil in France and French Govt. have imposed a law not to wear veil and practice Burqa. Lets watch this video and have a look at this interesting debate in favor and rejection of Veil.

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