Dating and Prostitution in Lahore


Whether the 7-point agenda of President Musharraf has been followed to the script or not, one thing is for that his famous (or notorious for many) “Enlightened Moderation”) has really caught on. You could not only visualize it on the private T.V channels and also on PTV, but also in the society. Along with many other things, a trend which has become quite common and visible in our society is “Dating.”It’s not that stealth kind of dating between two teen-age lovers from windows or rooftops of their corresponding homes, but things have become really “enlightened.” With the advent of mobile phones and Internet, Dating has really caught on in very desperate society. You will find boys netting the girls through their mobile phones. The biggest joint from where the boys get the phone numbers of girls is the new “Easy Load Centers”, which sells the number of girls at high price. Normally the rate of a young girl’s number ranges from 100 to 200 rupees, and for not so “fresh” number, the rate is Rs. 50 or even less. One could also get the numbers of hookers from these Ezi load centers in exchange of Rs. 25 or less.

watch the  video of fact report about Dating in Lahore

The most famous method of netting a girl through mobile phone is first to get a number of a girl through Easy Load center, then firs sms her some romantic messages, then gradually add spice to those messages, then send real filthy messages, then send dirty images or pornographic clips. After levelling the ground, boys call that girl and try to take her out. Same is the case on the Internet, where boys try to fish the girls in chat rooms, forums or in the social networks, and follow the same method.

If girl agrees to have a “friendship”, then boys take them outside. There are many joints in every city of Pakistan. The main thing is that such joints are often located in front of or near the girls colleges. For example, in Lahore, in Gari Shahoo chowk, near the Queen Merry School, there are some juice centers like “Friends Inn” and others, which have cabins inside, where dates are happened, and one could guess further. In Lahore alone, you would find host of such juice and chat centers, which have cabins inside.

Some time ago, same was the case with Net cafes. Boys and girls used to go in the cabins of net cafes and do the love making, and then there was a leakout of such video clips of such net cafes in Rawalpindi. After the leakout, many girls committed suicide, and many lives were destroyed. Authorities then took stern action and now the trend has moved from netcafes to juice and chat centers in all the major cities.

Look around and you would find such joints near the girls schools and colleges. We have told you about such center in Lahore. If you know of such joint, it would be a good idea to expose such people. It might save the lives of many.

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