Cricket Scandals : Scandal of Cricketer Sohail Tanveer and British model Shanzay


Daily express reported about Sohail Tanveer that he is involved in a British model of Pakistani origin named Shanzay. Sohail has not shown his classy performance in the recent T20 world cup and has spent most of the time outside the ground.

It has been reported that he has violated the night curfew rule of team during the matches and remain most of the time outside the hotel. Shanzay lives in Glasgow and she continuously followed him. In excitement she also posted pictures on a website which were later removed.

Sohail is now being accused of following foot steps of Shoaib Akhtar who was also scandalized in the past. Although Soahil denied the charges by saying that he and been to London for the first time and she is known to him through internet long ago and they have met now with her family to take snaps together and they are not dating each other.

The picture though looks to me a piece of art created by Photoshop but if these kind of activities and scandals keep on happening they will surely affect the performance and moral of cricketers. The players should understand that they are the ambassadors of their nation and this type of news also harm Pakistan’s image globally.

After a successful foreign tour these kinds of rumors are traditionally aired specially in the case of Pakistan. I don’t know why but there could be a lobby or some thing against our players.

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