Corruption in India


Did a paper on Indian corruption for my Masters, over a decade ago, and I see that the situation hasn’t changed that much. I focused on the corruption around the License Raj, and its aftermath. It obviously was a very narrow focus, which doesn’t explain the wider problem in India.
Its estimated that disloyal corrupt criminalized Indians have stashed away around $1,500 billion or $1,500,000,000,000 of the poverty stricken nations wealth in illegal accounts in Switzerland alone.
Switzerland is not the only place you can stash your cash illegally…..there are numerous other tax-havens where banking laws are very lax…….. Monaco, Liechtenstein, Channel Islands, Bermuda, Andorra, Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, relevant to India in terms of tax avoidance …Mauritius, Seychelles, British Virgin Islands, Luxembourg, Macao, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates……………and of course London and “the City”.
So what amounts of money have the disloyal corrupt criminalized Indians stashed their cash in these other tax havens? $500 billion or $1,000,000,000,000?
The GDP of India by PPP is anything between $3,500 billion to $4,000 billion. The money illegally off shored represents anything between 50—70% of the GDP of India measured by PPP.

Bhara Big ney?

Astronomical sums. I don’t think any other nation off shores as much of its own wealth as India, illegally. Phoolan Devi and the rest of India’s 99% toil and slave, and less than 1 % of the country representing the elite loot the country………… there a bigger crime and injustice in India? I DON’T THINK SO! What does this say about India’s “ruling” elite?

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