Copyright Infringement by Shahrukh Khan for the Script of Raavan


Shah Rukh Khan was ordered by the court to pay $200,000 with Indian court for copy right infringement claim for the script of Raavan.
Two judges ordered him to pay Rs. 10 Million to court or take the risk on the release of “Ra.One” and postpone it.
Yash Patnaik brought Shah Rukh Khan, Red Chillies & Eros Entertainment to the court claiming that he owns the copyright on the concept of Ra.One. Yash said he was not paid his due credit that he sould receive the 10 percent of film’s profit.
Ra.One which cost $20 million to make with special effect in which Shah Rukh played a role of super hero, G.One who fights with the evil Ra.One and saves the humanity and will be released Internationally. Their is no response on this issue by Shah Rukh Khan and Eros Entertainment.
shahrukh khan raavan

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