Cat House girls Club in Islamabad


Cats and dogs are everywhere so why astonish at such houses? Islamabad is bubbling with brothel houses, massage parlours and such rakish dens. The current raid on Cat House Club in Islamabad is just a tip of the iceberg.

This Cat House was launched as beauty parlour and boutique house, then gradually it got converted into dancing club, then night club and then a full blown brothel house. This evolutionary process wasn’t got completed in a single day, rather it took some months.

Many ministers, parliamentarians, bureaucrats, top businessmen and bigwigs of Islamabad were the regular customers and patrons of this club of Islamabad. When police raided the brothel house it arrested many men and women dancing dipped in liquor telling the stories of enlightened moderation. These arrested top shots included a newly elected MNA from Muzzaffargarh and a diplomat of a friendly country.

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